Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Automated Workflows in Drupal 8 with GitHub, Composer and CircleCI

Friday 10/18/2019

Drupal 8 uses Composer to manage dependencies. In this training, we'll look at how to keep dependencies, like Drupal core and contrib modules, out of GitHub and automate the build portion of your workflow with Continuous Integration. This will allow for cleaner pull requests, reliable site builds and integration with other tools, like Slack.


Students will need to have a free Pantheon account, GitHub account, and CircleCI account. Students will need Composer and Terminus installed locally. A basic understanding of Drupal 8 is useful, but all exercises will include step-by-step instructions.

Target Audience

  • Developers who want to learn how to use Composer for compiling Drupal 8, modules, and requirements.

  • Teams that want to automate their development workflow with Composer + Drupal 8.

Dev Environments

Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows (but you may need extra help)

Training Company


Oliver Seldman

Oliver works as a Customer Success Manager at Pantheon, where he helps customers get onboarded to and then get the most out of the platform. As a former developer and technical lead, he's been building sites with Drupal and involved in the community for over a decade. Over the years, he's given many trainings and presentations at camps, cons, and local meetups.

Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor is a Customer Success Engineer at Pantheon where she focuses on improving our customers’ product experiences and customer support. When she's not flexing her technical chops with customers who build amazing sites on our webops platform, you can find her volunteering at her local BAO nonprofit chapter or reading the latest in AI news or sci-fi fiction.

David Needham

David Needham is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon where he focuses on developer education and training. When he's not blogging about productivity at davidneedham.me or speaking at conferences, you can probably find him with his bicycle-loving family playing board games in Champaign, IL.