Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Composer 101

Skill Level
Saturday 10/19/2019

Topics of this session: 1. Why Composer?!? 2. Installing Composer. 3. Setup of a Drupal 8 site using Composer. 4. Adding/removing modules and other dependencies. 5. Checking for outdated packages. 6. Performing updates. 7. And whatever else we have time to cover. This session is for beginners and assumes that everyone in the room will have no prior knowledge of Composer.

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Art Williams

Art Williams is the VP of Technology & Drupal Team Lead at Texas Creative, a full-service marketing agency based in San Antonio. He has been active in Drupal development for more than 13 years, is a co-organizer of the San Antonio Drupal User Group, and has attended many user groups, Texas Camps, and DrupalCons. Art and the Texas Creative team maintain many contrib modules and are active in the issues queues of core and other contrib modules.