Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Write Good Case Studies (And Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too!)

Case Study
Skill Level
Saturday 10/19/2019

The challenge: Case studies are hard. Knowing what to emphasize and what to downplay in your case study can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to score those sweet, sweet sales leads. The solution: Attend this session! I’ll teach you how to put together case studies that tell compelling business stories about Drupal and digital technology. You'll learn: - The “challenge/solution/result” storytelling framework - How to clearly sell the business value of your work - How to hit the sweet spot on length, tone, and goals for your case study - How to sift through what information is important and what information can be left unsaid The results: You’ll walk away with the knowledge (and several useful templates) for putting together your own first-class case study.

Leigh Anderson

Leigh is a Senior Marketing Communication Specialist at FFW... and in plain speak, that means most of her job is translating technical concepts into clear value statements for prospective clients. Leigh has worked in Drupal-specific marketing and content roles for more than 7 years, including a stint at the Drupal Association where she worked on the launch and marketing content of Drupal 8. When not writing about all things Drupal (and why clients should care), Leigh can be found peppering her coworkers with GIFs, taking long nature walks with her dog and baby, or strumming her ukulele in the sunshine. Leigh previously spoke at Texas Camp 2018 in a session called "Talk Nerdy To Me: Translating Technical Jargon Into Plain Speak for the Rest of Us"