Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Designers working process with sketch app and zeplin

UX and Design
Skill Level
Saturday 10/19/2019

Many development teams struggle when working with external design teams because most of the time we don't have the time to sit designers and developers to talk about the details. Sometimes we end working long hours on things that are not that important for the final result of the project. I found that working with sketchapp and zeplin will made design process faster and help communications between designers and developers. Attendees will learn: 1. Create a basic sketch app from templates 2. Work atomic design with sketch app symbols 3. Export designs to zeplin 4. Use zeplin to communicate details and complement user stories Designers, developers and project managers are welcome. The only prior knowledge required of attendees is their life experience.

Ana L. Coto

I born in Costa Rica and move to Houston 2 years ago. I study Industrial Design and after graduate started working as a multimedia designer for a E-learning company. I have leader creative sessions and discoveries on different work environments. I started working with Drupal 4 years ago while working for a bank in Costa Rica, I went to a DrupalCamp there and fell in love with the community. I have help with DrupalCamp CR and DrupalPitchu, as well as some drupal initiatives like simpletest.me and drupalcooffee. This is the first that I will present this topic. Last year I presented in Texas Camp 7 Design Principles for programers.