Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Help! I'm Stuck In Maintenance Mode: How To Break Out of D7 Into D8 and Beyond!

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Saturday 10/19/2019

Every day I'm Drupalin', every day I'm Drupalin', every day I'm....wait, what? Every day you're Drupalin' 8? Does your portfolio or your current position have you stuck in maintenance mode, fixing and extending only Drupal 7 sites? Do you have Drupal 8 envy? Are you feeling even more pressure as the release of Drupal 9 looms in the near future? Together we'll journey through an hour's worth of tips, tricks and practical suggestions to help you break out of working only on D7 sites and into D8 goodness. We will cover: -- How to gain the skills needed -- Tools to help make the transition -- Leverage the Drupal community -- Read and practice daily to keep up -- And more

Tyler Ashbaugh

Tyler Ashbaugh has been a web developer for over 15 years involved primarily in enterprise class projects leveraging the Microsoft stack. In more recent years he has been pushing Drupal to new limits by deploying it to Windows Servers using SQL Server as the database. He's a remote worker that believes in work/life balance, staying healthy and solving the web's toughest problems. His passions include his family, gadgets of any kind and helping others. This is a new presentation, but will be presenting it to my coworkers prior to Texas Camp.