Oct 18-19, 2019  ·  San Antonio, TX
Texas Camp 2019

Winning the UX game

Site Builder
Skill Level
Saturday 10/19/2019

Drupal is an amazing framework that provides incredible tools for developers and site builders... and yet, the UX is pretty poor. This is not news, and there are some ongoing initiatives that are aimed at improving it. However, that doesn't help us now. As the lead for Acquia's Demo Team, part of my job is to make sure we are able to show the best UX we can with Drupal today! We have to provide a world class UX for marketers and content creators that can compete with any other Enterprise CMS on the market. We not only are able to do that, but after this session... so will you! In this session, we will discuss: - the current status of UX initiatives in Drupal - how Layout Builder is changing everything - my team's "recipe" for a really amazing UX experience in Drupal 8 By the end of this session, you will have everything you need to take your current or future Drupal 8 site to the next level - the modules, the themes, the tricks, and the code that we use to make Drupal really shine.

Ron Northcutt

Ron has been involved with Drupal since 4.6. He worked as a freelance Drupal developer for a number of years, and worked as a Sr. Web Developer for Jackson River. He is currently a professional "problem solver" (Principal Solutions Architect) at Acquia, and regularly consults with large organizations to show how Drupal can help them. Ron leads the Demo Team at Acquia, which produces Demo Framework (https://github.com/acquia/df). He has presented on this topic at Colorado Drupal Camp, and at multiple DrupalCons. He has a fairly broad background in front-end, back-end, and systems admin, though his greatest strength as a back-end developer. He has alot of experience with non-profits and enterprise systems, with an interest in ecommerce, network security, and business systems.